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Canon EOS 80D review

Canon is a big news; It is with the arrival of the new EOS 1DX Mark II line-up has been updated for the EOS, Canon EOS range, the EOS 80D back to the center for lovers of assignment has announced. After more than two years at the EOS 70D, Canon EOS 80D, expected CP + Camera & Photo Imaging Expo in Japan in front of the new announcement is the latest in a whirlwind discharge. It's picture-takers to try and EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera EOS model.Canon address more than twice struck the body of a passage from the triple-level EOS DSLR to address those hoping to advance through the line-up also looks set to be an interesting offering

Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera Body (Black)
Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera Body (Black)

45-point all cross-type AF system * When shooting with the optical viewfinder and autofocus area selection mode allows for special attention.
Intelligent viewfinder with approximately 100% viewfinder coverage.
24.2 MP (APS-C) CMOS sensor is impressive, helps provide high-resolution results.
Advanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF to shoot video with smooth, fast and accurate autofocus helps, and fixed with instant and precise autofocus.

Canon EOS 80D with a change in the sensor - the EOS 70D, as opposed to taking from the 20.2 million pixel CMOS sensor, 24.2 million pixel CMOS sensor to take advantage of it. This is an ISO range of 100-16,000 (expandable to ISO 25,600) to set up a Canon DIGIC 6 image processor. Where you left off proceedings EOS 70D, the EOS 80D Dual Pixel CMOS AF innovation to profit by the second doubles address EOS models. Each microlens covers two photodiodes can be perused autonomous, and each of the light diode achieved by measuring the difference between the two, the Canon EOS 80D sensor on the stage of the recognition and the use of live view shooting HD video can perform centering. Through.Canon EOS 80D digital SLR camera for the first run-adjustment of self-division of Canon Live View AF speed and AF refine arrested following affectability familiar with the operation have been improved, in order to provide additional control over client feedback

Upgrading from the end of the self-here. Canon EOS 80D 80D material elements of an F-45 with the cross-not at all the sort of framework that focuses Canon EOS-1D Mark IV structure is not included. Focuses on the offer of 45 F, 27/8 f is good, the middle point of the aperture of f / 2.8 is assuming dropped. (- 3EV-18EV) self-adjust the structure of the working range in low light, so we can expect a responsive execution of the F-wide.

Moving onto metering, 7.560 pixel RGB + IR metering sensor, the Canon is left in the hands of capable and quick on / off the lights as the Nets beat the EOS 80D, Canon EOS 7D blink detection innovation that take advantage of its role in creating the Mark II. Canon's new DIGIC 6 image processor, despite the benefit from, the Canon EOS 80D, Canon EOS 70D, such as a compatible 7fps burst shooting is over. In the event that alerts you would like to shoot it in the camera's shooting mode to shoot at 3fps up to 5fps shooting intuitive and live view to have the choice.

The key advantage of the new processor, the EOS 80D is reflected in its cradle profundity. It is up to 7fps out of 110 JPEGs or 25 raw files can record, which is that the Canon EOS 70D 65 JPEGs out and taking care of 16 documents from the crude to a stage. Canon EOS 70D camera's viewfinder is a marker skewed level of 98% instead of skylines and provide opportunities for deception, it now shows 100% show ends with amplification 0.95x. Below the viewfinder has been changed slightly. Canon EOS 80D EOS 70D from a 3in, 1,040k- touch the determination of particle, assuming the acquisition and showcase it along the edge pivoted, allowing it to be hauled out and tilted edges.Canon shooting EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera Body Stand according to an expansive range - Side View2

Videographers 29 minutes 59 seconds at the most extreme period of up to 60p can shoot Full HD (1920 × 1080) movies. In the other end (50, 25 and 24fps) and the EOS 70D accessible to a client who earphone attachment to verify the absence of the Canon EOS 80D screen volume on both ends of the material will be happy to know that I, along with earphone and mouthpiece for the full term control of body.

In particular, most of Canon DSLR we've seen recently, such as the availability of Wi-Fi and NFC are both intrinsic, picture-takers offer a Canon camera, cell phone or tablet to control the camera remotely connect to the applications that are running. Elsewhere, another thoroughly photo style effects have been added, the Canon EOS 70D is the same as it recognizes elapi E6N battery and EOS 80D digital SLR camera body, it's 25g lighter than its antecedent.Canon's - Side View1

Assemble and handling

You'll see a little Canon EOS 80D, Canon, which is twice as much as the presence of address is a demonstration of the unprecedented configuration has changed. Canon EOS 70D from the front, it is indistinguishable from the off, with large pentaprism and the reconstruction of the open receivers end up being the model number of the visual contrasts. It's much the same story at the back of the camera, is still a point of interest for those with an eye for the thumb of your right hand flared added will see a marginally better buy.

Again, like the Canon EOS 70D, polycarbonate body with aluminum and glass, and conductive fibers from the sap is developed and manufactured feels good, but the quality of the EOS 7D Mark II is not the same as climate safe. The new earphone ports along the edge of the receiver port is located beneath and on / off switch on the control channel to take a quick look uncovers the inventor and now you can get a second custom setting (C2) mode refers to the EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera dial.Canon - Screens

70D in the body, such as aluminum and poly-carbonate previous one finished with tar produced using glass and conductive fibers, and it feels completely well-constructed - in spite of the fact that the climate is not as sealed as a range of specialist - is moreover 25g lighter. Sometimes you will be excited to find the hawk pentaprism and built-in receiver in front of the open peered. Similarly, a somewhat larger grasp thumb behind you, which is marginally more agreeable experience when used as'll discover.

Canon EOS 80D F-region of the immense clients alike will be pleased to see the arrival of a decision taken; Thrifty close utilized by the viewfinder, you allow the camera to your eye quickly without lowering the AF range mode tab. Catch all the more satisfying than a similarly snappy playback and menu changes have been outlined round bye.

Moving around to the side of the port earphone port at the bottom of the amplifier can be discovered, and catches the ball in the investigation that uncovers a second custom setting (indicated C2) can get straight to the mode dial.

Similarly, as the greater part of its latest model, the Canon EOS 80D does not include the inherent network Wi-Fi and NFC. The client application is a tablet or a Canon camera connected to the cell phone allows you to control the camera.

Luckiness videographers are the same; A maximum of 29 minutes 59 seconds - you can shoot up to 60fps Full HD (1920 × 1080) movies - and in addition to 50, 25 and 24fps at. Canon EOS 70D is an element that was missing from the recognizably - earphone amplifier input and additional expansion of the new material, the client will have an opportunity to have full control of the sound.

A strong feature of the EOS 70D camera with a terrific, so it took the Canon EOS 80D, where his predecessor left off when the reaction has been leveled against it are a part of the extraordinary worth noting. With advanced features all round, major and minor, just as it is the Canon EOS 80D, Canon is set to carry twice the custom address, or to talk with fans hoping to hop up to a range of Canon photo shows a hunter seeking.

You can purchase access to the Canon EOS 80D $ 1,199.00 (body-only) and is expected to be released in May.

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