Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Top 10 photography tips of all time

No matter what you're shooting, these tips will ensure your best photos ever. Here are our top 10 shooting tips all the time ...

1. Composition Rules

If you're setting up your shot, think about the rule of thirds, and the third line above or below your horizon to try to establish, and not through the middle. Fence leading lines, tree lines or meander like a river, guide the eye to see. Castles in the air or on the cross-sector interest in things like trees dominating. Not one, but with your lens to move your feet, do not be afraid right composition.

2. Keep it straight

There is nothing worse than the landscapes in a scewed horizon. A spirit level or a level of investment, LCD or viewfinder onto the show to buy a camera.

Photography Tips

3. Light Everything

Think about the time of day to shoot you. Sun Valley may be fine for lunch or seascapes, landscapes sunset and sunrise golden hour, but often look their best. Try shooting in different places at the same time a couple of days.

4. Filter fun

You can filter the good from the great convert your images. ND Grad filter in a dark sky and clouds to bring out the details, and a polariser to enhance blues and greens.

5. All eyes

Whether or not your model, eye contact and tone can have a huge impact on your image's message. Strong eye contact to draw the viewer into the shot, models who look far more mysterious tone that can help when you can.

6. Think about crop

Is not just head and shoulders portraits. Are you the whole person, not just to the eye or somewhere in between. The focus of the audience, so make sure to crop up closure and the rest of the body, including the hair is perfect, make sure nails are kept well suited to the style of clothes and money.

7. outfit and color

Add a hand or a flash of color with flowers in their hair, or a shocking lipstick color is applied. Different connotations in different colors like red for passion and drama, there.

8. The depth of field

Unlike landscapes, macro shots are usually very shallow depth of field to focus on the subject. F2.8 with a shutter speed faster than your camera close down, to remove stains.

9. Think about background

Compose your shot, then subject to the removal of the debris and make sure there are no distracting elements. If there are, the narrow depth of field to blur with or reposition yourself to get out of their frames.

10. The key to perfection

This kind of glitch in the image will be shown, so make sure the perfect flower petals. If it is, a little post-production can work wonders!

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